Access from other countries

Some of you guys don't know that you can't access Google USA website directly from other countries.If you live in another country apart from United States let's say you live in India & tried to access the [Us Website] it will redirect you to the country specific regional domain [Ex:] where you reside .It is because Google will restrict searches to your region only so that it will help the advertisers and give appropriate search results for the user.

How to add a domain on Hostagtor cPanel using Quickinstall


In this article you are going to see how to add a Addon domain on Hostagtor cPanel using Quickinstall.Here , Some people may get doubt what is Addon domain.Actually Addon Domain means a domain that is added to Hostgator cPanel apart from primary domain.Addon Domain acts as independent domain will have all the features of a primary domain.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Tutorial

1.Set default factory settings for Sony vegas pro 11 or 12 or 13 [ any version]

Click on start on your windows -> programs ->  Press & Hold CTRL+SHIFT while clicking on the Sony vegas pro icon .You must continue to hold the CTRL & SHIFT keys .Now a pop-up show message " DO you want to allow this app..." Click on "Yes" .NOw another pop-up Show message"Doyou want to reset all vegsa pro preference to default values .Select the checkbox next to “Delete all cached application data” and then click Yes.

Thats it

Unsubscribe unwanted email subscriptions with


Having a messy Email Inbox is a big frustration.You have all the unwanted email subsriptions in your Inbox.Finding and Unsubscribing Email Newsletters is big herculan task.You can get rid of unwanted email subsription by one click with the help of the steps below.

Change Godaddy Namerservers with other Web-Hosting provider Nameservers

chanr godaddy nameservers

If you have a domain registered with Godaddy but you have web hosting account with other providers [Ex. Hostgator ,Bluehost ,Dreamhost].Then you need to change the Godaddy default Nameservers with Custom Nameservers of other Hosting providers.Note down the Nameservers of your hosting provider and follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps for changing Godaddy Nameservers:-


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