Wifi icon missing on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

All of Sudden your WIfi Icon missing / not showing up on Ubuntu 14.04.2LTS operating system.Don't worry follow the steps below to get back the WIFI Icon.

Steps to get Wifi icon on Ubuntu:-

1) Open Dash , Search for "Startup Applications"

2) A new window named "Startup Application Preferences" opens up.From the list check "Indicator Application" and close the window

3) Open the terminal "ctrl+ alt + t"

Gmail 'Undo Send' Email Feature

Finally Gmail has released "Undo Send" email Feature. With "Undo Send" option enabled you have the option to retrive or recall the email which you have sent to a wrong person (or) you need to add more information to the mail you have sent. By Default , Gmail has set 5 seconds time by default to retrive the mail which you have send.But you have option to set the site the time for 5, 10 ,20 or 30 seconds. 

Currently, this feature is rolled out for Desktop Users.Mobile users have to wait little more time to get this feature.

Google Chrome on Ubuntu 14.04

You might have installed Google Chrome Linux version  called "chromium web browser'.This browser does most of the job as chrome with same look & feel.But what i observed is it has problem with flash.For example when i tried to edit youtube videos in the youtube editor it keeps on throwing error "requires modern version of flash to be installed to edit youtube videos'.

I tried google search but didn't solved my issue.So finally decided to install google chrome on Ubuntu 14.04.

Ubuntu 14.04 Tips

In this article you will find all tweaks & tips to make Ubuntu 14.04 experience better

1) Disable online search results from Dash

Goto System settings ->Security & Privacy -> Search  ->  "Include online Search Results" -> OFF

2) Showing menu title in the window

Goto Sysytem Settings -> Appearance -> Behavior -> Show menu for Window -> Select "In the windows' Title bar"


Screen Record on Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty Tahr"

You can Record the screen on Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" By using any one of the following software.

1) Kazam

This is one of the easiest App to install and setup. Once done ,You can take the screen shot or capture the screen [Screencast] .It also has the seconds counter before starting video recording.You have the option to screencast Fullscreen or a window or Selected area.

Step 1:-
Open The Ubuntu Software center
Search "kazam" & Click on "Install".

Ezvid Screen Recorder for windows 7 / windows 8

Ezvid Easy Screen Recorder & Editor is a software which can be used to record screen on WIndows 7 / Windows 8.It is a free version so you don't need to pay money for it & it is very easy to capture screen on windows OS.Download Ezvid screen recorder .

After installing the Ezvid software. You might have captured the screen but you are unable to locate the saved file path of Ezvid.

By default the captured files are stored in the following computer on your windows operating system

www to non-www | 301 Redirect using .htaccess

Google treats sites with http://www.naiwik.com & http://naiwik.com as seperate sites.As a result your site will not perform well in Google search results.So to avoid this sort of errors you need to fix this.You can fix this by applying 301 Redirect on your site in .htaccess.
So what is 301 Redirect.The 301 status code is nothing but to tell the  users & search engines that the requested page has permanently moved to a new location.


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