How to Remove word "content" from URL in Drupal 7

I got this simple problem when i enabled Clean url and installed path auto Module.

when i open my article i was getting the below url with word " Content" in it.

instead i wanted the url to look like below

Best Drupal 7 modules for a new site

After installing Drupal 7, the very first thing that comes to our mind is to know what are the "Best Drupal 7 modules ".When we google it we find lots of website giving the list of important modules , we will be in confusion state on seeing the search results.So, like you i too got confused.But learned a lot from it.I will be keep on updating this page a i keep on learning new things

How to change the password or user of any Netgear wireless router

If you happens to be a proud owner of any Netgear Router like me.One day or the other you will get a doubt on how to setup the your wireless router.In this post I am going to cover how to change the username [SSID] or password or Passphrase of any Netgear wireless router.

How to install brushes on Photoshop Portable

Preset manager

In my opinion every Adobe Photoshop user [Beginner or Expert] might have used the Photoshop Brush Tool at least once.It is a basic painting tool like a drawing tool by applying the color using strokes.We will not dig deeper into it.In this tutorial we will let you know how you can load/Install a new brush on the Portable Photoshop version.This method works on most of the Photoshop versions.You can find lot of free brushes on the web when you Google it.

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Hi all,
After dilly dallying for more then a year or so.we are finally getting ready with We try our best to give you accurate information in a easy way.On Naiwik you will be getting Info on Product/Places Reviews,Travel.We also try to create tutorials on Languages [Useful for students],Web development [Drupal,Wordpress,Joomla,Html,Css],Seo,Howto do stuff .Right now we will be focussing on a limited topics, but in the near future we make sure you will get all the info on all the topics.


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