Install GUFW Firewall on Ubuntu 14.04 | Ubuntu 15.04

install gufw firewall ubuntu

Ubuntu comes with firewall installed on it but it is not enabled by default .We have to enable it.There are many firewall appliactions to choose.But in this tutorial we are going to see how to install /Enable UFW [Uncomplicated FireWall] firewall on Ubuntu 14.04 /Ubuntu 15.04 .This method works on most of the ubuntu Latest versions.
You can install  UFW/GUFW either through the Termainal or through Ubuntu Software center.  Graphical User Interface of UFW is called as GUFW. Which is installed through software center.
Run the below commands to install UFW firewall using Terminal
1. sudo apt-get update  
2. sudo apt-get install gufw

Using Ubuntu Software Center
Open Software center & Search “firewall configuration” and install it

Open the GUFW firewall

Set the following settings
Status      = ON
Incoming    = Deny
Outgoing    = Allow

That's It.