Add Facebook Fan Page to Drupal Website


Facebook Fan page /Facebook Like Box helps users to connect with the Website News/ Updates. Facebook Fan page helps in website growth and audience retention.For Other CMS like Wordpress & Joomla adding facebook is easy task. But on Drupal we need to add some modules to display Facebook plugin .

Steps to Add Facebook Like Box to website:-

  1. Log into Drupal Administrator
  2. Download & Install Facebook Page Plugin
  3. Download & Install Patterns
  4. Download & Install Libraries
  5. Enable Facebook Page Plugin , Patterns & Libraries
  6.  Go to Structure > Blocks > 'YourTheme'
  7. The block will be called "'Your-website-name on Facebook"  Ex:- "Naiwik on Facebook"
  8. Click on 'configure':
  9. Add your Facebook Page ( Ex:- and configure the display and appearance settings & click on "Save Block"
  10. Select the "Region" for the facebook Block & Click on "Save Blocks"
  11. Now, Refresh / Reload the front-end of your drupal website you can see the facebook Like box
  12. That's it