Embed Youtube Video on Drupal 7

You might have tried several ways to add a Youtube Video onto your youtube video.But it is one of the easiest thing to add a youtube video on Drupal that to without the need of any Module or extension.Just follow the steps mentioned below to show youtube video on your Drupal Website

Steps to dsplay youtube Video on Youtube

  1. Log into your Drupal Administrator
  2. Click on Add content
  3. Choose either Article or Basic page
  4. Let us assume that have choosen "Article"
  5. Give the name to "Title" , Give the "Category" a nameĀ  if you have that oprion else leave that Field
  6. Change the Text Format from "Filtered HTML" to " Plain Text"
  7. Go to Youtube.com , Select the youtube Video of your choice
  8. Click on "Share" Button , "Embed" Button
  9. Copy the Iframe Code
  10. Go to your Drupal article and paste the Iframe code
  11. Now, Change the Text Format from " Plain Text" to "Full Html"
  12. Save the article

That's it . You can now see Youtube Video embed onto your Drupal Article .You can Follow similar steps to add youtube video to Drupal Block