Fix PHP Opcode Caching not enabled during Drupal 8 Installation

When you are installing "Drupal 8"  on your  localhost / Xampp , you might encounter this error " PHP OPCODE CACHING not enabled" and it will not allow you to proceed furthur with your Drupal Installation. To fix this warning message you have to make some changes in your PHP.ini configuration file.
Follow the steps below to fix it..
1. Open Xampp Control Panel [software] , at the Apache module you need to click on "Config" button now you will have option to select a file from mulitple options. You need to click on "php.ini" file.
2. Now php.ini file opens , You need to scroll all the way down Paste the following code in PHP.ini file to fix OPcache warning message

3. Save the php.ini file.
4. Now stop the Apache server in Xampp and restart
5. When you  refresh the Drupal installation , the issue is resolved.This method works perfectly on php 5.6 & php 7.

If you have any queries please comment below