How to add logo to Drupal 7 site

For those who are new to Drupal like me. First thing that comes to our mind while creating a Drupal 7 Site is "How to change the default Logo with custom logo" designed by us for our new site.Here are the steps that you need to do to change Drupal logo.

Follow the below steps below:-
1) Login to your drupal 7 administrator page By entering Admin Username and password
2) Using the top menu [Black in color] ,click on Appearance it will show the list of themes both enabled and disabled
3) Click on "settings" button top right of the screen
4) Click on " Global settings" to set the logo as default across all the themes (or) If you want the logo only to a particular theme click on the theme settings & follow the next steps
5) Under "Logo Upload Image", Uncheck the checkbox [use default logo]
6) Choose "logo Upload image" option to upload your new logo
6) Save Configuration

That's it..If you still have any doubt ,comment