How to add Most Read module to Drupal 7 website

In this article we are going to see how to add Most Read / Most Viewed / Most Popular Content module to Drupal 7 website.

1.Login into the administartor Panel

2.Goto Modules -> Select Statistics module & click on "Save " button

3.Goto Configuration Under System -> Statistics

4.Select " Enable access log"  under " Access Log Settings"  and Select " Count content views " Under "Content viewing counter settings" & Save

5.Now goto Structure -> Blocks

6.Under Disabled Block -> Select "Popular content" and specify the region

7.You need to congifure the "Popular content" Block .

8.Click on Configure , now select the number of articles to display either as "daily top views" or "all time top views" and save it.

9.You can also view the statistics of your website by going to Reports > Recent hits

In this you can see details of which pages have been visited by which user with his username if he is logged in or it will be shown as Anonymous (not verified)

Thats it.

Note:- If you would like give a try to another module then you must definetely give a try RadioActivity Module.