How to change the password or user of any Netgear wireless router

If you happens to be a proud owner of any Netgear Router like me.One day or the other you will get a doubt on how to setup the your wireless router.In this post I am going to cover how to change the username [SSID] or password or Passphrase of any Netgear wireless router.

To change the setting of your wireless router do the following steps

1) Check whether the Lan Cable from your Netgear Router is attached to your Computer/Laptop Lan port.
2) Open your Web browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
3) Using any one of the following address

4) A Pop Box will open to enter on your browser asking your Login Credentials. Enter the following in lowercase letters Username: admin Password: password
5) Your Netgear homepage will open. To change or view the password or passphrase of your netgear router Click on Basic -> wireless -> Security Options -> Passphrase -> Change the password of your choice -> Apply To change or view the Name or SSID of your netgear router Click on Basic -> wireless -> wireless network -> Name (SSID) -> Change the name of your router -> Apply
That's it. If you have any queries please comment