How to download udemy videos

Udemy Offer's Tutorials in almost every niche from Academics,Photography ,development , Seo , marketing and so on.It offer's both Free & Paid couurses.If you have opted either one of the course and started learning you might have noticed that due to your slow internet speed the videos on Udemy keep on buffering which makes learning boring and tiresome.Since Udemy doesn't offer you to download Videos from it's website onto your PC [Computer]. But there are some ways to download Videos from Udemy.In this article i'm using simple Chrome extension to download the videos for free onto your system.

Steps To download Udemy Videos:-

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser
  2. Add "Fast Video Downloader [FVD]" extension to Chrome
  3. Now goto Udemy website
  4. Select & open the course which you like to download
  5. Play the video and click on "FVD" in the chrome
  6. To the top-right of the browser a Pop-up will open with the video list
  7. Click on "Download" Button to download the video onto your local computer
  8. Since the Course has several videos. click on the individual video and download the videos as FVD can download multiple videos at once
  9. That's it