Install Android Studio on Ubuntu 14.04

Android Studio is best IDE to develop Android Apps because it is developed by Google.First you need to install JDK [ Java Development Kit ] to install Android Studio on Ubuntu .

Here is the video to install JDk / OpenJDK >>>>

Step by Step Procedure to install Android Studio:-

  1. Go to to download Android Studio Package
  2. Click on "Get the SDK"
  3. Scroll down and download Linux Package from "All Android Studio Packages"
  4. The file will be downloaded in "Downloads" folder
  5. Extract the .zip file
  6. Once Extracted , move the "Android Studio" folder to Home directory
  7. Copy the "Android Studio" folder to get the Location path
  8. Now open the "Terminal"
  9. Run these commands in the terminal
    cd /home/(USER NAME)/android-studio/bin/  | Note:- User = Ubuntu user login Name
    sudo chmod 777 -R
  10. A pop Box will be shown. Select " I do not have previous version of studio...." and click on "ok" button
  11. Select the "Standard version" & click on "Next" wherever possible
  12. Additiona Tools / Modules for Android studio will be downloaded
  13. Once the Android SDK is up to date , Click on "Finish"
  14. Android installation is complete
  15. But you need to configure / Tweak some setting before starting a new Android project
  16. Click on "configure" - "settings"
  17. Click on  "Appearance & behaviour" - system settngs - Updates - check automatic updates for ... is set to "stable channel" [Bothe Updates]
  18. Click on Editor - General - Appearance - select "show line numbers" - click on "Apply"                 
                                 Code folding - Uncheck  File header , Imports , one line methods                 
                                 Auto import -Select Optimize imports on the fly  7& Add unambiguous imports on the fly & Click "Apply"
  19. That's it.