Install Wine on Ubuntu 14.04


Wine is open source Software which allows Ubuntu User's to install Microsoft Windows Applications, Softwares & Games on Ubuntu.
To Install the latest version of "wine" follow the steps mentioned below.


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.7 winetricks

Uninstall Wine:-

To uninstall latest version of wine 1.7.x package from ubuntu open the terminal and type the below commands it will remove all dependencies of Wine and Winetricks.Since wine and winetricks are seperate packages.

  1. Open the terminal
  2. Run the commands
    sudo apt-get purge wine winetricks
    sudo apt-get autoremove
  3. That's it

Delete "Configure wine" and Uninstall wine software"

But on some systems even after following the above steps "Configure wine" and Uninstall wine software" will be still present.To completely remove them Open the terminal.Type the following command in terminal

cd /usr/share/applications

you can see wine-winecfg.desktop ,wine-uninstaller.desktop ,wine-notepad.desktop,wine.desktop in the terminal.

Delete them by using the terminal

sudo rm wine-winecfg.desktop

sudo rm wine-uninstaller.desktop

sudo rm wine-notepad.desktop

sudo rm wine.desktop