Install Wordpress Theme


For any website  nice design & layout gives good traffic and conversion.Wordpress has huge collection of free themes on it website as well as premium themes from other developers.In this article we will see how to install theme on a wordpress website.We can install a theme in two ways 1) from the wordpress themes directory for free 2) Using upload theme option

Steps to install a theme :-

  1. Login to wordpress administrator
  2. Inside the wordpress dashboard , Click on Appearance -> Themes
  3. Click on "Add New" button
  4. It will populate themes for you to choose
  5. Use the Menu to sort themes by categories such as "Featured" , "Popular" , "Latest" , "Favourites"
  6. Once you selected the theme , Mouse over on the theme Click on "Install" button to install the theme
  7. Once installed click on "Activate"
  8. Now reload the frontend of your webiste to see the change in appearance of the website

Above is the procedure to install theme from Wordpress themes directory. If you dont like themes on wordpress themes directory you can buy premium themes from developers .Once you purchase theme from theme they will give theme in .Zip Compression file.

Steps to upload wordpress theme :-

  1. Goto Appearance -> Themes
  2. Click on "Add New" button
  3. Click on "Upload Theme"
  4. Clcik on Browse and upload the package
  5. Once installed , Click on "activate" button
  6. That's it.