Install wordpress on Ubuntu Xampp

Install Wordpress on Ubuntu 14.04 || Linux Lampp

Steps to install Wordpress:-

  1. First you need to install Xampp on Ubuntu
  2. If you had not installed Xampp . Here is the video to install Xampp.
  3. Once you have finished installing Xampp.Start Xampp using the below command in the terminal
    sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start
  4. Download Wordpress 4.5.x from
  5. Extract the .zip file & Rename the folder
  6. Copy the folder in step 5
  7. Open the terminal and run the below command to open nautilus (file browser) as root
    gksudo nautilus /opt/lampp/htdocs
  8. Paste the wordpress folder
  9. Open PhpMyadmin & create database
    Path :- localhost/phpmyadmin
  10. Now open the browser type localhost/foldername
  11. Select the language & enter the database details. Copy the wp-config.php code
  12. Now you need to create wp-config.php in the website root directory
  13. Open Nautilus using command gksudo nautilus /opt/lampp/htdocs
  14. Open Text Editor , Paste the code which you have copied in step 11 & save the file as wp-config.php
  15. Paste the wp-config.php file in website root directory
  16. Enter the site title, Username & password
  17. That's it