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Custom Thumbnail

Custom Video thumbnails let's the people know what the video is about before actually playing it.Thumbnail image can be as large as possible, but the recommend size should have a resolution of 1280x720 pixels (min. width should be 640 pixels).

The supported format for custom image can be either .JPG (or) .GIF (or) .BMP (or) .PNG. Please note,  image size should not exceed more then 2 MB.

How to add a image Slider in wordpress header

Like you i also tried to add image slider to homepage of Wordpress Header. I searched for it a lot but couldn't find all the information at one place.In this post i am going to tell easy method to add a Slider.

Follow the below steps to insert the slider into Posts/Page:-

Crate a new Post/Page & Simply insert the shortcode mentioned below to display the slider:

How to Remove word "content" from URL in Drupal 7

I got this simple problem when i enabled Clean url and installed path auto Module.

when i open my article i was getting the below url with word " Content" in it.

instead i wanted the url to look like below

How to change the password or user of any Netgear wireless router

If you happens to be a proud owner of any Netgear Router like me.One day or the other you will get a doubt on how to setup the your wireless router.In this post I am going to cover how to change the username [SSID] or password or Passphrase of any Netgear wireless router.

How to install brushes on Photoshop Portable

Preset manager

In my opinion every Adobe Photoshop user [Beginner or Expert] might have used the Photoshop Brush Tool at least once.It is a basic painting tool like a drawing tool by applying the color using strokes.We will not dig deeper into it.In this tutorial we will let you know how you can load/Install a new brush on the Portable Photoshop version.This method works on most of the Photoshop versions.You can find lot of free brushes on the web when you Google it.

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