Wifi icon missing on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

All of Sudden your WIfi Icon missing / not showing up on Ubuntu 14.04.2LTS operating system.Don't worry follow the steps below to get back the WIFI Icon.

Steps to get Wifi icon on Ubuntu:-

1) Open Dash , Search for "Startup Applications"

2) A new window named "Startup Application Preferences" opens up.From the list check "Indicator Application" and close the window

3) Open the terminal "ctrl+ alt + t"

How to change the password or user of any Netgear wireless router

If you happens to be a proud owner of any Netgear Router like me.One day or the other you will get a doubt on how to setup the your wireless router.In this post I am going to cover how to change the username [SSID] or password or Passphrase of any Netgear wireless router.

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