Fix PHP Opcode Caching not enabled during Drupal 8 Installation

When you are installing "Drupal 8"  on your  localhost / Xampp , you might encounter this error " PHP OPCODE CACHING not enabled" and it will not allow you to proceed furthur with your Drupal Installation. To fix this warning message you have to make some changes in your PHP.ini configuration file.
Follow the steps below to fix it..

how to check php version on xampp

If your website installation is giving error then you need check System Requirements [Such as Php ,Database Versions] on your Xampp installation.


  1. Open the notepad
  2. Paste the below code

  3. Save the file as phpinfo.php in  Htdocs folder
  4. Type  localhost/phpinfo.php in yoour web-browser
  5. See the Php version
  6. That's it


PHP OPcode Caching Not enabled in XAMPP | windows-10

When you are installing latest version of "Drupal 8'  on your localHost . You might get a warning message that "PHP OPcode Caching Not enabled" Under "Requirements review"  . We need to enable Php OPcode to improve our Drupal website perfromance.

Let's enable PHP OPcache on XAMPP windows 10 /8/7 operating system.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal8\core\modules\user\src\UserInterface.php


If you are getting the above error when you are dealing with file upload or database upload or while installing CMS like [Drupal 8, Joomla , wordpress]. The error has occured because for uploads default time set on most website is 30 seconds.You need to change this setting in php.ini configuration file.

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