Download youtube videos without any software or extension


You can download youtube videos using downloaders such internet download manger ,flashget and so on.But you can download youtube video easily without the need of softwares or extensions.This method works smooth;y on desktops , Mobile devices running on Android , IOS  & windows.

Steps to download youtube video:-

How to create multiple YouTube channels on one Adsense account

mutiple youtube channels

Every one of us want to create multiple youtube channels under one Adsense account for different genres.By creating multiple channels under one adsense account helps us to get payment fast.So, here is a simple way to create mutiple Youtube channels and monetize it with ads to generate additional revenue for your Youtube videos.

Youtube channel

Custom Thumbnail

Custom Video thumbnails let's the people know what the video is about before actually playing it.Thumbnail image can be as large as possible, but the recommend size should have a resolution of 1280x720 pixels (min. width should be 640 pixels).

The supported format for custom image can be either .JPG (or) .GIF (or) .BMP (or) .PNG. Please note,  image size should not exceed more then 2 MB.

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