Uninstall Openjdk 8 from ubuntu

OpenJdk works well for using java programming & also forĀ  most of the needs .But when you want to install Android Studio on ubuntu it is recommended to uninstallĀ  Openjdk 8 and install Oracle Jdk for proper functioning of Android Studio.OpenJDk works for Android Studio but you will get a warning message while installing Android Studio that "Openjdk Shows Intermittent Performance and UI issues.We recommend using the Oracle JRE/JDK.". So it is better to stick with Oracle JRE /JDK.

Steps to remove openjdk 8 from ubuntu :-

  1. Open the Terminal
  2. Type "java -version" to know the version of java
  3. Now Install / Open "Synaptic Package Manager"
  4. Type "JDK" in Quick Filter search box
  5. You will get the list of packages installed with a Green Tick mark
  6. You need to delete all the packages marked with green by right clicking on the package and select " Mark for complete Removal"
  7. Click on "Apply" Button to remove the package
  8. Once you are done with uninstall all the packages related to JDK. Type "JRE" in the quick filter search box
  9. You will get the list of packages installed with a Green Tick mark similar to the steps from 5- 7
  10. But some inter linked packages are still needed to removed. Remove the related JRE packages.
  11. Once you have removed all the packages related to JDK & JRE
  12. Open the terminal and cross check it with the command "java - version or javac - version"
  13. That's it guys you have succesfully removed openjdk from your ubuntu operating system

This method works perfectly on all versions of ubuntu . ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) , ubuntu 14.10 (utopic unicorn) , ubuntu 15.04 (vivid vervet) , ubuntu 15.10 (wily werewolf)