Update Drupal 7 core manually


Drupal doesn't has option to update the drupal core automatically like other CMS [Joomla, Wordpress]. You need to update Drupal 7 core manually.Follow the steps to Drupal 7 core update .

Steps to Update Drupal core manually:-

  1. Make a backup of your website using "Backup & migrate" Module before updating drupal website
  2. Log into Drupal Administrator
  3. Goto Reports-> Available Update
  4. You can see a security update to the latest version of Drupal [i.e from 7.38 to 7.41 or 7.xx]
  5. Goto Configuration-> Development -> Maintenance Mode
  6. Select the checkbox "Put site into maintenance mode" & click on save configuration button
  7. Now view your Drupal front-end page or home page.It will show that "Site under maintenance "
  8. Download the latest version of  Drupal package from Drupal.org [https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal]
  9. Download the the zip file & extract it
  10. In the extracted folder [Drupal-7.41] delete the sub-folder named "Sites" & compress the Drupal-7.14 folder
  11. Login to Cpanel of your web-host
  12. Goto file manger-> your website root folder
  13. Select all the files & folders inside your Drupal website except "sites" folder & click on delete option from the menu to delete the files
  14. Upload the Drupal-7.14.zip folder to your website root.Once it is uploaded extract the zip file using Extract option
  15. Now a new sub-folder named "Drupal-7.14" will be shown once refresh the page
  16. Goto the Drupal7.14 folder select all the files & move the files to website root directory
  17. Now you need to delete Sub-folder and Zip file named "Drupal-7.41"
  18. Now login into Administrator
  19. Goto Configuration-> Development -> Maintenance Mode
  20. Uncheck "Put site into maintenance mode" & click on "Save configuration" button
  21. Goto Reports-> Available Update -> You will see that Drupal has been updated to Drupal 7.41
  22. Run update.php by navigating to http://yourwebsitename.com/update.php [Ex:- http://naiwik.com/update.php]
  23. Complete the process to update your Drupal database
  24. Now view you Drupal Front-page it should work without any errors
  25. That's it