Upgrade PhpMyAdmin to the latest version on Xampp | Localhost

Xampp is most widely used web server solution stack package on Windows local computer or localhost. We also know that it comes with PhpMyAdmin but how many of you noticed that your PhpMyAdmin is outdated and there is latest version available for Upgarde.Don't worry i will cover it on how to update PhpMyAdmin Manually to the latest version.

Steps to update to latest version of PhpMyAdmin:-

  1. Goto localhost/phpmyadmin
  2. On the Phpmyadmin homepage you can notice messages that there is a upgrade to the latest version like the one in the below pictures
    upgrade to phpmyadmin latest version message
    phpmyadmin update
  3. Goto the Phpmyadmin website link:- https://www.phpmyadmin.net/
  4. Download the latest version of PhpMyAdmin
  5. Once downloaded , Extract the .Zip file
  6. In the extracted folder delete the file named "Config.inc.php" file
  7. Now goto Local Disk (c): >> Xampp > Phpmyadmin
  8. Copy the "Config.inc.php" file at some other place . For Example ,Save the file on Desktop (or) any other drive (or) Folder
  9. Now delete all the files in phpmyadmin folder . Path:-  Local Disk (c): >> Xampp > Phpmyadmin
  10. Now copy all the files from extracted folder and paste it in "Phpmyadmin" folder
  11. Now copy & paste the "Config.inc.php" file which you have saved at some other place into Phpmyadmin folder  | See the step:8
  12. That's it. Now refresh the Phpmyadmin page [ localhost/phpmyadmin ] by now you should have the latest version